Food Preparation Equipment

Onion puree maker

Onion puree maker

Using an industrial onion puree maker, you can dehydrate a large amount of onion in a short time and use its puree to prepare foods such […]
seekh kebab maker machine

Seekh kebab maker machine – Sale at factory price

One of the essential principles in preparing restaurant food is to observe hygienic items. Skewering kebabs by hand in traditional ways increases the possibility of contamination. […]
Automatic hamburger making machine

Automatic hamburger making machine

Hamburger is one of the most popular fast foods. It is easy to prepare hamburgers with a manual hamburger forming machine or on a large scale […]
automatic falafel machine

Automatic falafel machine for sale

Mojmeli Trade company is the manufacturer of a complete set of automatic falafel machine with the following specifications: Single nozzle – with capacity of 2200 falafel […]
meat shredder machine

Meat shredder machine for sale

Meat shredder machine is one of the most widely used equipment in industrial kitchens. You can use this machine in cooking and preparing Ash, Halim (Iranian […]
Commercial vacuum tumbler marinator

Commercial vacuum tumbler marinator

Marinating is a process for flavoring pieces of meat and poultry; commercial vacuum tumbler marinator does this on industrial scale. Vacuum tumbler marinator is mainly used […]
butter melter machine

Butter melter machine for kebab

Most people like to eat kebabs that are juicy and greasy. But we know that when grilling meat, a lot of water and fat is lost. […]
manual hamburger forming machine

Manual hamburger forming machine

Manual hamburger forming machine is a practical tool for sandwich sellers who do not need to prepare a lot of burgers. Manual hamburger forming is less […]
Automatic dough ball making machine

Automatic dough ball making machine

One of the steps in baking bread is dough ball making that is a difficult and tedious process, so using an automatic dough ball making machine […]