Restaurant’s Equipment

seekh kebab maker machine

Seekh kebab maker machine – Sale at factory price

One of the essential principles in preparing restaurant food is to observe hygienic items. Skewering kebabs by hand in traditional ways increases the possibility of contamination. […]
Commercial vegetable shredder

Commercial vegetable shredder machine

Commercial vegetable shredder is practical restaurant’s equipment and industrial kitchens that grinds and prepares large quantities of vegetables in a short time. This machine has a […]
Barbecue radiant burner system

Barbecue radiant burner system

Barbecue radiant burner system has radiant burners that heat up by burning gas. The heat from the burner ceramics is evenly transferred to the kebabs, causing […]
Automatic hamburger making machine

Automatic hamburger making machine

Hamburger is one of the most popular fast foods. It is easy to prepare hamburgers on a large scale and industrially using an automatic hamburger making […]
Chip warmer commercial

Chip warmer commercial machine for sale

Chip warmer commercial machine is a fast food device used to keep fried potatoes and hamburgers warm. This device is especially used in street fast foods. […]
Automatic skewer washing machine

Automatic skewer washing machine

Automatic skewer washing machine is one of the most important equipment in catering, restaurants and industrial kitchens. Washing a large number of kebab skewers is not […]
Commercial food warmer cabinet

Commercial food warmer cabinet

Restaurants that offer food in pressed form and in ready-made containers for quick sale need commercial food warmer cabinet. In many cases, cooked food must be […]
Potato slicer machine

Potato slicer machine for chips at immediate price

Potato slicer machine is a restaurant’s equipment and kitchen supplies that chefs use to slice potatoes, onions and other vegetables and fruits. Industrial kitchens use this […]
Italian pizza oven

Italian pizza oven for sale – At factory price

Fast food equipment includes a pizza oven. You can use the Italian pizza oven to bake a variety of tandoori-style pizzas. Oven walls have thermal insulation […]